hello :),

i´am music Artist ,2047 Years old , but i feel 20 years younger 🙂 :)!!

Come too Silver 29.05.2024 no cut! ( Cover Song ) Acustic Version !!

Half Water , half light 2024 (Samples from Apleton)

21.12.2023 Eve of destruction ( Cover Song ) old Version

own Song 7.09.2023

Sunshinelight 21000 Volt , cool voice , cool drum and the riff -wow-!

The Man Who Sold The World (cover song) 11062023 , In this song i call the ghost from – Kurt- but listen is comming another cool ghost too 🙂 ! 2 Legend´s in my song -wow-

devil empraced ( cover song ) with talkbox MAY 2023 -not finshed version !hui a lot off mistake,but iam not sorry !! waiting a new version in coming !! this is a test version too warm up!!!!!!

it´s free Jazz ? 28052023 i love it 🙂 testing apleton 11, Fender twin 65

crying in the rain /cover song) 20230223 no cut , 2 plugin !

Loving arms (cover song) monster version 23022023! This Riff is my :), strong

I working on my good darkness Cover Songs Album 2024.

I Play E-Guitar, Western, Concert , Bass, Drums, piano, (Cello ) and Voice !

I love Musik but ….

My Music from hell and the fantastic sky – i can play fast, very fast , faster than light !

I´am not (really) Evil but on the Stage, i can change, is comming Power and my shadow is on the way too flame in rainbow color !,

All my friends i see happy, but my evil friends, i smile lock -you have a bad live on Earth- in hell too , with pain a lot off pain, my evil friends you soul comes never free . In the Cycle of 766 amen


__________________________________________ habt dank !!